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Archive for April, 2009

An Ever Increasing Demand of Fashion – Costume Jewelry

Friday, April 24th, 2009

These days the demand for costume jewelries or fashion jewelries have risen very rapidly due to the fact that they are an inexpensive alternate to diamonds and gold. Artificial Jewelry has become a hot fashion trend. With fashion trends changing every day, gold and diamonds no doubt have their own charms but mostly kept as keepsakes or investments in jewelry boxes. The best thing about fashion jewelry is that you don’t need to plan to buy such a type of jewelry. It is so inexpensive that you can actually never have enough. In a dynamic society that gives a great deal of emphasis on fashion, what defines fashion jewelry can sometimes include trendy, modern, eclectic, vintage, contemporary and anything.

It is often seen that it is the celebrities who sets the year’s hottest trends. Fashion jewelry is also one such product which the celebrities try to flaunt. High-end fashion jewelry pieces are available as collectible replicas of the latest accessories celebrities have been seen wearing to weddings, parties, clubs, awards shows and even in their latest movies. The fashion jewelry realm has shown a celebrity status in direct proportion to the consumers that display their fashion tastes and style sense. Fashion jewelries in vintage and antique designs is also gaining popularity. It gives that classy and unique look. Bright and bold in color and design, they are indeed the funky accents to daily outfits.

Whether your wish to follow celebrity fashion trends, or sport your own unique style or collect antique pieces, fashion jewelry offers unique pieces just right for you. Choose one that reflects your true taste and style. To coincide with your personality, fashion jewelry comprises every accessory from hair to foot starting from the hair pin to your anklet. To match every taste, a wide range of jewelry designs are available at affordable prices. When these jeweleries be it beaded earrings or glass arm lets or dangles are worn by fashion-minded people it displays a real sense of fashion.

Buying Pearls

Tuesday, April 14th, 2009

Pearls are formed in oysters and mussels. They could be cultured, but most are formed naturally. They can be found in both fresh and natural waters.

In order to choose the best quality pearls, cultured or natural, you must carefully consider the nacre thickness, texture, size, color, luster, and shape.


To check their luster, you must observe pearls in different lights. Luster is the pearl’s intense brightness. Pearls, especially freshwater pearls, can shine in some types of lights or are faint in other types. The pearl luster is best checked using fluorescent lamp. You would know the highest quality pearls because they glow regardless of what type of light you use to examine it with. The more intense the gleam of the pearls is, the higher the worth. These pearls have a fine warm radiance, while low quality pearls look dull.


In choosing your pearls, check their color. They come in different colors, white, golden, and cream. You must choose the color which best suits you or the person you’re giving it to. You must also check the skin or texture of the pearls as well. Make sure the pearls are perfectly round and smooth. Check if there are blemishes, wrinkles, large pits or flaws. An important factor in determining the quality of the pearls is their nacre thickness. This also determines the length of time your pearls would last. Thick nacre pearls are high quality pearls.

There are four kinds of pearls: Akoya, Tahitian, south sea pearls. These are all cultured pearls. The most popular of these is the Akoya pearls.

Pearls can be bought from jewelry stores or online shops or auctions. Remember to buy your pearls from high-quality stores because they grade their pearls carefully. You can be assured that the pearls are genuine and you can avail of their refund policy if you find anything to your dissatisfaction.