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The Mystique of Jade Jewelry

Sunday, April 17th, 2011

Jade is a hard, tough and highly colored stone that is used to make exquisite jewelry and carvings. The description of gemstones is incomplete without referring to the richness of jade jewelry. Jade jewelry has a special significance in the Chinese culture. It is sometimes referred to as the “Eastern Diamond”. Jade is a gemstone that is known not only for its luster, but also for the various beliefs associated with it. Some believe that Jade consists of instinctive and super natural abilities.

Jade can be either of two different minerals, jadeite or nephrite. Both variations of jade are tough stones that don’t break or chip easily. Their chemical properties are similar but they differ primarily in their sodium and calcium-magnesium properties. All jade typically has a medium to high polish.

Traditionally jade is found in vivid tones of green. We see so much green jade that we may forget that the gemstone occurs in other colors such as pink, lavender and white. White jade is predominantly found in Myanmar, The properties of iron and manganese provide most of the color variations in jade.

Imperial Jade is a transparent emerald-green stone, which contains chromium. It is the most rare of all. An intense color combined with translucence is the hallmark of good quality jade. Jade commands a high price that is even more than rubies and emeralds. Sometimes inferior qualities of jade are dyed green. It is advisable to purchase jade jewelry from reputed stores. Green glass stones and some other natural stones are used as imitations of jadeite.

There are several things that determine the value of jade. First, jade stones are sold per piece and not per carat. Its texture, pattern and translucency also play a vital role in determining its value. Historically, jade was considered more valuable than gold or silver. Today carat for carat jadeite is more valuable than diamond.

Jade can be fashioned into exquisite pieces of jewelry ranging from bangles, beads and earrings to belt buckles, hairpins and pendants. There are jade carvings that exhibit very intricate details of animals and people as well. You can also find articles such as amulets, knives and spearheads. The metal in jade jewelry allows light to return from the stone and increase reflection.

Today consumers’ tastes regarding jewelry have broadly changed. Women especially like to keep up with the current fashion trend when it comes to jewelry. One reason why some women would be attracted to jade is because it is distinct from the traditional look of jewelry but it can give a woman an exclusive and fashionable look at the same time.