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Bejeweled by Mens Ring Tiffany

Wednesday, March 28th, 2012

Tiffany & Co. is one of the largest jewelry companies in the USA that has expanded the market in most cities around the world. The American company was originally known as Tiffany, Young and Lewis a distributor of stationery items was initially located in Manhattan owned by Charles Lewis Tiffany and Lewis Young. Charles Tiffany took over the company in1853 and renamed the company to Tiffany & Co. which focused more on jewelry. Tiffany blue is the registered trademark of the jewelry business. Famous US families, Hollywood actors and European royalty are the most common wearers of the stylishly-designed tiffany products especially diamonds. Due to this reality, the products bought in soaring prices can be considered investments. The business caters to both men and women who are jewelry lovers. Just like most women, men are also jewelry aficionados especially with necklaces, bracelets and mens ring tiffany.

Mens ring tiffany is in the demand at the moment. A certain number of people, may they be men or women, are looking for these items to buy for themselves or as gifts to their fathers, brothers or partners. Some of the most sought after rings crafted by Tiffany & Co. are round band ring made of 18k rose gold 1.7mm in diameter is being sold at $350, round band ring made of 18k gold with a diameter of 1.77mm selling at $350, coin edge ring created with sterling silver and titanium is being put up for sale at $350, Lucida band ring constructed from platinum with 18k gold and is 6.5mm wide is with a price of $1,525, Atlas ring fashioned in 18k white gold inclusive of a diamond and is 3mm wide tagged at $1,100, and lastly, Atlas band ring composed of 18k gold with a selling price of $975.

Tiffany & Co. products are being sold online and on different mall stores, or even some people that call themselves dealers. Not all products, mens ring tiffany for example, that are being labeled as crafted by Tiffany & Co. are authentic especially when the jewelry is not bought from a bona fide store since it is not hard to imitate designs especially when the demand is soaring. When shopping for a ring that is physically present, it is very easy to see whether the one to be purchased is fake or not. The first thing to do is to find an authentic store selling such jewelry and capture the appearance and craftsmanship including the carved parts, the weight and polishing. There should also be no sign of discoloring since all jewelry is made of pure and authentic materials.

Online Shopping for Tungsten Ring and Tungsten Carbide Ring

Thursday, July 22nd, 2010

Tungsten rings are known to be the right choice for men and women who work with their hands to eliminate the quick deterioration of your wedding band. When your career is hands on and labor intensive you can be sure that a tungsten ring will not scratch and remain polished for the duration of a lifetime whereas a gold, silver or platinum ring would quickly begin to scratch and dull. Titanium rings are also prone to scratch when consistently hit repeatedly however it would not happen as quick than with precious metals. Buying a ring takes careful consideration. Whatever the occasion, there are significant factors to consider when buying a ring.

Style, lifestyle, and budget need to be considered when buying any piece of jewelry. Decide if the wearer is a traditionalist or innovative. Is this a person who works with their hands such as an artist, or someone whose job demands constant washing and disinfecting like a healthcare professional? These factors are important when choosing a style of ring. Will the ring you pick withstand harsh treatment? If you pick tungsten carbide rings, the answer is a resounding “Yes!” Tungsten carbide rings are engineered to last a lifetime, bringing you years of beauty.

Used for industrial applications for decades, tungsten carbide is four time more durable than titanium and nearly impossible to scratch. Your tungsten ring will not wear down and will continue to look as good as the day you bought it years from now. No more having to send your ring to a jeweler to have it built up after it has become misshapen over time as with traditional ring metals. Customers are returning again and again because of the satisfaction of ownership.

Tungsten carbide rings are highly stylized and distinctive in their appearance. These beautiful rings will capture attention and bring pride for the owner. Tungsten rings are of extraordinary quality and value. The most discriminating buyers are discovering the beauty and distinct quality of tungsten carbide rings.

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