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Antique Diamond Engagement Ring

Saturday, July 23rd, 2011

Trying to find the right engagement ring for your girlfriend can be a difficult challenge, and requires a significant amount of time and effort. If you want your engagement to be very memorable and if you want to have something that is very beautiful then you should probably think about choosing an antique diamond engagement ring.

Antique, or “vintage”, engagement rings are procured in one of three ways, and each has their advantages and caveats. First, you may have access to a family heirloom jewelry piece that could serve as an engagement ring. In this case, you should be prepared to have a master jeweler clean, polish, and personalize it in some way to represent the uniqueness of your relationship. (You might upgrade the stone to a larger diamond, or add sidestones or gold detail around the shank of the ring.) Second, you may discover the perfect engagement ring from a source that sells actual antiques; estate jewelry resellers, pawn shops, and online retailers are a common source for these pieces. Finally, you might purchase a new engagement ring setting from a modern-day jewelry designer which is based on an antique style. This offers the convenience and quality of contemporary jewelry construction methods, with an appearance that matches your desired style of an earlier vintage. In this case, it’s most helpful to browse the selections of online jewelry vendors that offer jewelry customization options, so that your finished piece may still be “one of a kind”.

If you’ve found an actual antique piece of jewelry to serve as an engagement ring, it’s critical that you have it carefully cleaned and reviewed by a jewelry craftsman to make sure that it’s still in good, stable condition. Some early jewelry construction methods were not as good at securing their diamonds in place in the setting, and active use may cause stones to pop out and get lost. Considering the investment required to purchase a diamond engagement setting, it’s definitely worthwhile to guard against any accidents by making sure the piece is in reliable condition. Also, if it was originally produced as a white gold ring, it will likely show a heavily worn surface that’s no longer white or shiny. This can be easily corrected by having a coating of rhodium applied, which most jewelry stores are capable of.

Your choice of engagement ring will ultimately serve as a lasting representation of your loving relationship with your future spouse, and will be treasured for a lifetime! Every ounce of research about various diamond traits, the “4 C’s”, and diamond settings will be fully worthwhile as you are able to enjoy seeing the pleasure with which your girlfriend receives the ring. Bridal jewelry is meant to last, and it’s up to you to make a regular habit of extending love, generosity, and respect to each other and enjoying the fruits of your relationship for years to come.

Buying A High Quality Diamond Engagement Ring Online

Monday, July 27th, 2009

There are many online stores from where you can easily buy diamond engagement ring according to your choice and budget. These stores have a wide selection of different types of engagement ring such as vintage diamond engagement ring, solitaire engagement ring, designer engagement ring, three stone ring and many others. There are few online jewelry stores offer loose diamonds at a very cheap price.

If you have a low budget then you can buy certified loose diamonds and set it up with engagement ring setting. This is the cheapest way to buy a high quality diamond engagement ring. The reputable websites offer no charges for setting the certified diamond, free shipping and free ring sizing. You can also find a learning section that will give you all the information about diamonds.

Before buying the diamond engagement ring you must know about 4C’S which include color, carat, cut and clarity. The 4C’S determine the value of diamond. Among these four factors the cut of a diamond is the most important factor. Because the cut determines sparkle and brilliance of a diamond and the price of a diamond ring depends on its cut only. By knowing the 4C’S you can easily find the best certified loose diamonds according to your budget.

The next most important thing is to set your budget. No matter how much you have spend in your engagement ring but you should always set a budget and always remember to buy best quality EGL, AGS or GIA certified loose diamond for your budget. EGL, AGS and GAI are the respected independent gem grading labs in the U.S. It is very important to buy a diamond of best quality because diamonds are forever and wearing an engagement ring is a lifetime commitment.

Generally grooms think what kind of diamond engagement ring their soon-to-be-bride would prefer. The best way to know about her taste and preference is to ask her directly. And if you want to give her a surprise then you can ask her family and friends. You can also have some idea by looking at what type of jewelry she wears daily. Before purchasing engagement ring you must keep in mind her ring finger size, the shape of her hands and fingers, lifestyle and her personal style.

Purchasing loose diamond is a better option because you can have better quality of diamond in loose form and you can set them in a unique design according to the choice of your love.