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Tips for Pearl Jewelry Care and Cleaning

Thursday, June 7th, 2018

The luster of pearl jewelry is enchanting. Whether it’s a pearl necklace or a pair of pearl earrings, you can’t help but admire their glow. Whether you’ve purchased your pearl jewelry or received it as a gift, it’s important to take care of it to ensure it lasts a lifetime. The care and cleaning of them can be a challenge. If you are not very careful, you will end up with damaged jewelry. But never fear, the following tips will help you learn how to go about this daunting task.

Normal Care of Pearls
After wearing pearls for the day, just gently wipe them with a lint free soft cloth before putting them away. This will remove any makeup or perfume residue and ensure that they won’t need too much cleaning alter. The cloth can either slightly damp or dry, but if you use one with moisture, be sure to air dry the jewelry before storing it.

Cleaning Dirty Pearls
Do not use ultrasonic cleaners on pearl jewelry. They are far too harsh on such delicate material. Also be very careful of cleaners with ammonia, and abrasive cleaners. Use very warm water and a really mild detergent such as Ivory Flakes. Gently immerse the pearls and swirl them. Do not use anything to rub them, as this can remove the finish. With faux pearls, you must be especially careful. There is a product called “Jewelry Joose” which is fairly effective. It comes in a spray bottle and you can direct the spray to just the few pearls that are dirty and then carefully rinse. With faux pearls, if you are not very careful, you will find the coating will completely come away and it will pit very easily from any friction. You can also take your pearls to a jeweler who specializes in cleaning pearl jewelry.

How to dry Pearls
Lay the pearls on an clean soft cloth to dry. You can lightly fold over a layer of the cloth and gently press to dry a little more quickly, but do not rub. Be sure that the pearls are completely dry before putting them away. The cord that pearls are strung on can be damaged if it stays wet in storage.

By all means, wear and enjoy your pearl jewelry. With a few common sense tips and gentle care, you will be able to enjoy it for many years to come.

How to Sell Diamond Rings

Friday, October 18th, 2013

Most of us are unfamiliar with selling diamond rings. There are times when you may need to sell your diamond jewelry just for the sake of some extra cash as well; so, no matter what the reason, if you’re planning on selling diamonds, you should know how to find the best deals. Most people interested in selling diamond rings are not jewelers, however. In this case, there are a few steps to take, including getting an appraisal both of the ring, and of the wholesale value of the diamond, then exploring different markets for selling it.

People who are desperate for cash might find that selling diamond rings to a jeweler or even a pawn shop is the easiest — not to mention safest — option. A pawn shop will return just a fraction of the value, but for some people that is better than nothing. A jeweler will probably not offer much more, unless the diamond is of spectacularly high quality. Generally, the amount a jeweler will offer for a diamond ring is about one-third of the wholesale of the diamond.

Another option for selling diamond rings is to try to sell it online or in a local paper. This can be much more difficult, since many people are reluctant to spend money on a ring from a broken engagement or divorce, especially a ring they haven’t seen. However, this is a good way to get a bit more money for the diamond ring. The method of getting the most money for a diamond ring is to sell it to a friend or acquaintance willing to pay nearly what it would cost to buy it in a jewelry store.

Regardless of the method an individual chooses for selling diamond rings, it is absolutely necessary to get it independently appraised and valued first, preferably from a few different jewelers. This gives the seller a good idea of what the ring is worth, who can then haggle the sale price confidently. It is usually not a good idea to get an appraisal and then immediately sell the ring to that jeweler, as dishonest jewelers could give a very low appraisal in the hopes of making more money on a future sale. Be sure to get the appraisal in writing to show potential buyers, and if the diamond is certified and graded, be sure to hang on to that certification as well.