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How to Choose Celtic Jewelry for Girls

Wednesday, September 5th, 2012

When looking for the perfect gift for that special girl, consider giving Celtic jewelry. With the various styles, price ranges, Celtic jewelry makes an excellent gift that can be worn for many years.There are varying styles in Celtic jewelry. In terms of metals, you can find Celtic jewelry made with everything from sterling silver to platinum. Depending on your budget, Celtic jewelry can range from simple claddagh rings to ornate tara brooches and diamond earrings. If the girl is a teenager, she may already wear jewelry, and that will give an excellent clue regarding the styles she most enjoys. Before purchasing earrings, check to see if the girl has her ears pierced. If she tends to lose things, a necklace that clasps around the neck is an ideal choice. Birthstones are a very popular accent to jewelry and personalize the piece. Pieces that can be complemented with future gifts to complete a set are also a popular gift idea.

A Celtic cross pendant is a beautiful gift that can be given for religious events like Confirmations and Communions, but also makes an excellent present for birthdays and other holidays. A pendant can be worn on different chains to product different looks. Celtic cross pendants have exquisite detail, and can be personalized with birthstones or other semiprecious stones.

For an elegant, less religious look, a Celtic knot pendant is a unique gift. A Celtic knot, such as the Trinity knot, has varying meanings that can relate to any particular event or moment in a girl’s life. A symbol of Irish heritage, friendship, and eternity, a Celtic knot is a beautiful interwoven strand that engages the admirer while providing a unique artistic design to an everyday outfit.

Celtic bracelets are another excellent choice. Charm bracelets allow girls to collect different beads, and providing the basic bracelet with a few beads will allow for you to give beads as future presents. Silver bracelets are excellent choices and can be maintained very easily. For young girls, look for bracelets that can be clasped, rather than bracelets that slip onto the hand.

Celtic jewelry are timeless pieces that will provide a beautiful and meaningful accent to any girl’s wardrobe. With the growth of cultural jewelry within today’s fashion, Celtic and Irish jewelry is a popular gift. Giving affordable but beautiful jewelry will not only teach proper maintenance, but will also provide that special girl with a unique piece that will grow with her.

Diamond Engagement Ring

Wednesday, August 29th, 2012

It is always necessary for the dealer to explain why a smaller finer diamond costs more than a larger not as fine gem. The consumer must be aware that some small imperceptible defects may exist on the less fine stone, but they do not hurt the appearance of the it. These small imperceptible defects will however lower the price of the stone. It may make sense for a consumer to buy a bigger less fine stone for the price of a smaller fine stone for the same price.

The buyer must always beware that these small imperfections will hurt the resale value. High grade stones will always retain a lot more monetary value than a stone of a poorer grade. It is also harder to resell a stone of poorer grade. If the buyer entertains the converting of the stone into cash, it is much wiser to buy only the better grades as regards to perfection.

In color, the public is also advised not to go with the very highest of grades, but a stones of rather less rare tints. Never buy a low grade off color stone that is perceptible to average eye. It is suggested that colored diamonds be purchased in the grades of Crystals and Silver Capes. The average retailer will probably call them blue white and fine white. Always insist on seeing the stone in broad day light, as to check for imperfections. In regards to the cheaper colored stones they possess more bang for the buck. The resale value on a colored stone with imperfections is not very high. On the other hand, the resale value of a fine grade colored gem is fairly high.

The next step in choosing a stone is the cut or make. The cut more than any factor, determines the brilliancy of the stone. The brilliancy includes both the perfect reflection of white light and the prismatic display of colored lights. The consumer can test the brilliancy of a stone without the use of measurements. If the stone is cut well it will have the same brilliancy from any distance up to twenty feet from the eye. At no distance should the stone appear weak or less brilliant in the center. Over thick stones will appear vacant, or dark, in the center. The stone that is cut too thin will have a ring of brilliancy around the outside around a black center, producing the fish eye effect. Over thick and over thin stones should be avoided.

The buyer must also scrutinize the finish of a stone. All of the stones facets should be symmetrically related to each other. The facets should be above the girdle should match those below in position. The upper facets and the lower facets should directly line up and the edges should meet. The finish of the stone should also be well checked. Most rough or chipped areas will be around the girdle.

Only a stone that appears perfectly round should be accepted. Stones of other contours are much less salable. The buyer must be aware that the price per carat advances rather rapidly with increase in size up to somewhat over a carat. Smaller diamonds are much more abundant in the mines than the larger ones. The law of supply and demand dictates the prices of diamonds on the market.

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